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Pedigree Foundations
Joe Reed line
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Hoofbeats from the past....
The Joe Reed family has, perhaps, the strongest influence on our breeding program as any one line. In extended pedigrees, most of our horses will show multiple crosses to Joe Reed through his various offspring & their get.

Below you'll find four generations of the Reed line beginning with Leo's full brother, Firebrand Reed.



Firebrand Reed
Joe Reed II - Joe Reed X Little Fanny - Joe Reed
1949; AQHA # P - 25124

Pictured above in racing shape, Firebrand Reed was a full brother to Leo. Running AA time on the track, he later sired AAA race horses & AQHA Champions. An interesting side note is that he sired FIRE THREE, the 1976 AQHA High Point Jumping Horse & ISABLEU RIKER, 1975 AQHA High Point Working Hunter Stallion.

Firebrand Reed was also a maternal sire of top producing daughters.

I've always liked this horse's descendants. Basically as good a horse as his illustrious sibling but without the benefits of the same PR & promotion? 



Joe Reed II - Joe Reed X Little Fanny - Joe Reed
1940 - 1967; AQHA # P - 1,335

Overcoming injuries, Leo earned a race ROM on the track [he ran 220 yards in 12 seconds flat] but made his greatest impact in the breeding shed. He is a leading sire of  race ROM qualifiers [211] & AQHA Champions [24]. Leo was also the broodmare sire of AQHA Supreme Champions & is thought to have carried the 'X' factor. Considered a foundation Quarter Horse stallion, Leo is in the AQHA Hall of Fame.  
I remember reading an article that included excerpts of an interview with Leo's owner, Bud Warren. When asked if he ever 'culled' mares that were brought to Leo's court, his reply was "No." He then went on to say that just maybe those mare owners knew more than he did & they were willing to put their money [ie - stud fee] up to prove it. Considering Leo's extrodinary sire record, that philosophy  seemed to have worked. They say the mark of a great stallion is the ability to stamp his foals. Leo did!
Perry, Oklahoma features a park & statue dedicated to this great horse's  memory.     



Joe Reed II
Joe Reed - Joe Blair [TB] X Nellene - Fleeting Time [TB]
1936; AQHA # 985

On the track, Joe Reed II ran AA time & earned the title of AQHA World Champion Running Horse in 1942 & 43. He was inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame.

As a breeding horse, his get earned superiors in performance & race as well as points in halter. He was an AQHA Champion sire. Joe Reed II is a Hall of Fame sire & was a sire of top producing daughters & on the leading maternal grandsire list. [X factor? - Many of his sons also went on to be noted broodmare sires.] To many people, though, Joe Reed II is best remembered as being the sire of Leo.

Personally, I could get lost looking at Joe Reed II's photograph. [Actually, I believe I have.] To my eye, he is the definition of a "balanced" horse. There is nothing trendy or faddish about Joe Reed II,- he excelled in the past & I'm confident he would today, too.



Joe Reed
Joe Blair [TB] - Bonnie Joe X Della Moore - Old DJ
1921; AQHA - P-3

As I recall, the story of how Joe Reed came to be goes something like this...

In 1920, the TB race stallion, Joe Blair, & the running mare, Della Moore, were stabled next to each other in a backstretch barn. [Sorry, I can't remember which race track this was.] Well, one night Della was in season & the two horses were being somewhat fractious,- hollering to each other & kicking at the wall that separated them.

It just so happened that several grooms were having an all night poker [or crap] game & didn't really appreciate the distraction. Libations were flowing freely when the grooms decided that they knew just how to quiet those two horses down. Yup,- they took it on themselves to breed Della Moore to Joe Blair. [I'm sure it really seemed like a good idea at the time!]

Unfortunately, no one was elected to tell the horses' owners or trainers about the mating. Consequently, it was a bit of a surprise for the Della Moore camp when, a few months later, their fast little mare started getting a belly & being a bit sluggish. Eventually, the tale of that night was revealed when the result was a little sorrel colt,- Joe Reed! 



Joe Blair (Tb)
Bonnie Joe - Faustus X Miss Blair - Bowling Green
1911; Jockey Club registered

Joe Blair, pictured above with jockey Lee Burke, was a noted Thoroughbred runner on the fair circuit during the early years of the 20th century.  He sired several horses that would go on to be registered in the AQHA during its formative years. [Thanks for the photo, Roz!]

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