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Pedigree Foundations
Skipper W line
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Peter McCue line
Joe Reed line
King line
Blondy's Dude line
Pacific Bailey line
Plaudit line
Skipper W line
Three Bars (Tb) line
The Thoroughbreds
The distaff
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Hoofbeats from the past....

Sir Teddy

Sir Teddy
Sirlette - Skipper W  X  Silver Leche - Holy Smoke
1955; AQHA - 55,456
An AQHA Champion with 19 halter & 12 performance points, Sir Teddy was linebred Sheik 4X6X5 and claimed 10 crosses to both Peter McCue & Old Fred, each.
Bred & owned by H.J. Wiescamp, Sir Teddy sired AQHA & PHBA Champions, High Point & Superior performers, arena ROMs & producing daughters. 
[Thanks again for the pic, Roz!]

Peter McCue line



Skipper W
Nick Shoemaker - Nick  X  Hired Girl - Cowboy
1945 - 1963; AQHA - 7,964
Grand Champion at halter. Skipper W began a dynasty with multiple AQHA Champion & Superior Halter/Performance offspring. Even today, the term "Skipper W" horse still demands respect.    



Nick Shoemaker
Nick - Sheik  X  Slipalong Wiescamp - Lani Chief (Tb)
1939 - 1948; AQHA - 1,095
Bred by J.W. Shoemaker & used as a calf roping horse, he was purchased by Hank Wiescamp as a four year old. Although a pasture accident caused an untimely death, his influence in Wiescamps breeding program is still alive & strong today. Of 62 registered foals, he sired race & show ROMs, an AQHA Champion & perhaps most important of all, sons & daughter capable of passing along these championship qualities. 



Peter Mc Cue - Dan Tucker X Pet -Old Fred
1918; AQHA - P-11
Bred by Coke Roberds of Colorado. Shiek was linebred to Old Billy, Glencoe & Steel Dust. Both his sire & broodmare sire have been inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame!

Peter McCue line


Old Fred

Old Fred
Black Ball - Missouri Rondo X  John Crowder mare - John Crowder
1893 - 1915
A noted broodmare sire, Old Fred was linebred to Steel Dust. With lots of chrome [sabino &/or splash?] & palomino color, he was flashier than many of the popular horses we see from that era. Old Fred was inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame.      

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