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Pedigree Foundations
Peter McCue line
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Peter McCue line
Joe Reed line
King line
Blondy's Dude line
Pacific Bailey line
Plaudit line
Skipper W line
Three Bars (Tb) line
The Thoroughbreds
The distaff
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Peter McCue

Dan Tucker - Barney Owens X Nora M (TB) - Voltigeur

1895 - 1923

Considered to be one of the truly foundation sires of the American Quarter Horse, Peter McCue was by Dan Tucker & out of Nora M. Known for his blazing speed, he reportedly ran a quarter in 21 flat,- a time that wasn't matched for decades to come.  His popularity was assured when he passed his talent for speed on to his get.

[It should be noted that, with false information, he was registered as a TB for racing opportunities. He reportedly sired 20 'TBs' listed in the American Stud Book.]   

 Peter McCue was the genesis of many a Quarter Horse line. He was the sire of Harmon Baker, Badger, Hickory Bill, Chief, Shiek, great grandsire of Wimpy P-1, etc.  He was inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame in 1991. 



AD Reed


A.D. Reed

Peter McCue - Dan Tucker X Good Enough -Ned Hanger

1916 - 1935

Bred by A.D. Hurley of Oklahoma. Many of A.D. Reed's producing daughters went on to influence the newly formed AQHA.



Billy The Tough

Billy The Tough

A.D. Reed - Peter McCue X Betsy - Peter McCue


Inbred 2X2 to Peter McCue. Gelded as a four year old, Billy The Tough sired but a handful of foals.

[Please note, this was in the days prior to AQHA & this Billy The Tough wasn't registered. Another horse named Billy the Tough was. He was a "57 colt by Wimpy Jr. That Billy was also heavily Peter McCue bred.] 




Badger - Peter McCue X Nellie Trammel - Pid Hart

1916 -1936

Midnight so dominated the match racing circles of his time that, eventually, no one would run against him!   


Midnight Jr

Midnight Jr

Midnight - Peter McCue X Salty - Billy The Tough

1937; AQHA - 210

Midnight Jr was a race ROM runner and sired multiple race & show ROM earning offspring. Again, most importantly, he passed these traits on to foals who in turn would later pass them on, too.    

The distaff


Grey Badger II

Grey Badger II

Midnight Jr - Midnight X Grey Annie - Billy The Tough

1941 - 1972; AQHA - 2006

Notice the multiple crosses to Peter McCue? Grey Badger II was inbred Billy The Tough 3X2 and linebred Peter McCue 4X5X5X6X4X4X4. He also had 21 crosses to Steel Dust as well as 16 crosses to Glencoe and 10 crosses each to Barney Owens, Shiloh & Ram Cat.   

Grey Badge II, SI- 85, was a race ROM. His foals went on to earn race & show ROMs, an AQHA Championship & Honor Roll Titles. He is a noted broodmare sire. ['X' factor?]



Old Sorrel

Old Sorrel

Hickory Bill - Peter McCue X Dr. Rose mare

1915 - 1945

Bred by George Clegg, The Sorrel [later known as 'Old' Sorrel] was purchased by Caesar Kleberg for the King Ranch breeding operation. Another Steel Dust horse, Old Sorrel proved to be an outstanding sire to the benefit of both the King Ranch and the future AQHA.    




Solis - Old Sorrel X Panda - Old Sorrel

1937 -1959; AQHA - P-1

Awarded the first entry in the then newly formed AQHA registry, King Ranch's Wimpy was 4X4X4 Peter McCue by way of Hickory Bill. He sired AQHA Champions, High Point earners, Superiors & ROMs.

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